Establishing Paternity

Paternity cases arise when a mother and father, who were never legally married to each other, seek to determine who the legal father of a child is. Establishing paternity will determine child support, custody (parental responsibility) and visitation (time-sharing) with the parents and the child. Once a Father establishes paternity, he will be entitled to receive rights and responsibilities for the the child.

A petition to establish paternity may be initiated by either the mother or
the father of the child. In addition, if paternity has not been established
and the child’s guardian receives government assistance for the child,
the Florida Department of Revenue may file a petition to establish
paternity for purposes of child support.

Disestablishing Paternity

A man that has been established as the legal father of a child may ask the
Court to disestablish paternity if he is not the biological father of the child.
The process must be done through the court system, and can be complex.
The man must alleged that newly discovered evidence has come to light since the initial paternity determination. A scientific test proving that the man is not the biological father must be completed.

Scientific (DNA) testing

If you want to be certain that you are the father of a child, you should obtain scientific testing to confirm paternity. You should consider obtaining scientific testing prior to any establishment of paternity. Once paternity is establish, it can be difficult, but not impossible, to disestablish. If you believe yourself to be the father of the child, ask for a DNA test.

At King Lindsey P.A., we are experienced in representing clients in paternity actions. We can help you navigate the process to obtain a paternity determination. Whether you are trying to establish paternity or trying to dispute it, let our experienced attorneys help you.

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